Grant County Day helps progress local goals

Written by Benjamin Fisher on January 26, 2018 | Silver City Daily Press

Another Grant County Day in Santa Fe has come and gone. And while plenty of groups came home having heard good news, this year’s Grant County Day was a roller coaster ride through hopeful highs and dips of despair for the village of Santa Clara, which continued their struggle to secure ownership of the historic Fort Bayard property.

Grant County Day, having celebrated 43 years on Wednesday, is an annual chance for Grant County governments, schools, nonprofits, health care institutions and more to sit down face to face with state government department heads, legislators and even the governor to share their needs and concerns. Organized by the Grant County Prospectors — a non-partisan group of local leaders in various fields — Grant County Day has become a well-respected tradition at the Roundhouse. Just in recent years, local governments have managed to bring home hundreds of thousands of dollars in long-delayed reimbursements and save planned and funded projects from being picked clean as the cash-strapped state government looked to fill its own budget deficit.

“I think this may have been the best one yet,” Sen. Morales said Thursday. “In terms of the reach, the great advocacy, the enthusiasm and the results, it made me so proud to let everyone know that Grant County was in the house.”

This year, with oil revenues — on which nearly everyone agrees the state is overly reliant — approaching normal, state officials were far less concerned about this year at least. Each legislator will even have a couple hundred thousand dollars to spread between projects in their districts, something which has been out of the question for the most part in recent years.

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