Attention Forum Presenters

Good morning everyone,

Last week was the Infrastructure Finance Conference and I wanted to make you all aware that the Capital Outlay Request will be done online this year.  As of now, the form has not been completed but is expected to be  completed and ready for use sometime in December.  It is my understanding that when you fill in the request it auto populate your ICIP priorities and that it will allow you to change the numbers and any other information required.   You will be required to fill out the entire form before it can be processed because it will not let you proceed if something is missing.   I will keep you informed of any changes as they develop.

Just as a point of information below are the dollars available as of August 2019 for the various programs.   This was presented by Senator Pete Campos.

General Obligation Bonds                 $199.2

Severance Tax Bonds                          $367.7

Water Trust Board                               $  40.4

Colonias Projects                                  $  20.2

Tribal Infrastructure Fund                $  20.2

Please let me know if you have questions.


  • Priscilla C. Lucero, Executive Director
  • SWNM Council of Governments
  • PO Box 2157, Silver City, NM 88062
  • 575-388-1509


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