December 3 – Virtual Forum Info

Link for 12/03/20 Viewers only: – Thank you WNMU for the technical support!


* Start at 8 am on December 3rd  – Legislators and presenters will use a Zoom link for the presentations. There will be a separate link using Mediasite for public viewing.

* 3 minute presentations with a possible 6 minute Q&A from Legislators.

* Presenters: If you have provided a slide show we ask that you use only the master slide during your time slot so that you can get through your 3 minute presentation. Time starts as soon as you start speaking. Day of Forum log in 15 minutes early and MUTE yourselves until you are introduced.

* We will be providing application and presentation materials to the Legislators for their notebooks.

* Sectors (tentative)  will be 8:15 am for local governments | 10:35 for Education | 12:15 lunch break | 1:00 pm Education (2nd half) | 1:40 Healthcare | 2:20 Non-Profit/Community Presentations. We will have this firmed up by the rehearsal.


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