Grant County Prospectors

The prospectors are a group of business leaders whose purpose is to educate policy makers and community members about the economic, community development and legislative needs in Grant County.


Grant County Prospectors

Purpose: The Grant County Prospectors is a civic-league organization, the exclusive objective of which is to promote social welfare through educating community members, regional and state agencies and organizations, and various policy makers about the needs of Grant County for the long-range improvement of the County’s social welfare, economy, and community development conditions.  To accomplish this objective, the Grant County Prospectors will develop goals that best use county and community natural and human resources and will serve as a catalyst to activate units of government, social organizations, and other appropriate groups or organizations in improving the quality of life and welfare of persons residing in Grant County.

2016-2017 Officers

  • President, Mischa Larisch – Planning and Community Development Director, Grant County
  • 1st Vice President, Dave ThomasPresident and General Manager, WNM Communications
  • 2nd Vice President, Evangeline Zamora – Retired, Consultant, Non-Profit CEO
  • Secretary, Jade Zamora – Residency Program Coordinator, HMS Family Medicine Residency Program
  • Treasurer, William Knuttinen – CPA, Morones & Knuttinen, LLC.
  • Past-President, Bruce Ashburn – Community Manager, PNM


  • Community Legislative Action, Kim Clark, Chair
  • Membership,
  • By-Laws, Mike McMillan, Chair

Membership meetings: are generally held the third Thursday of the month at 11:45 am.*

CLAC meetings: held the second Monday of the month at 10 a.m.*

Membership: Membership is limited to 50 individuals. Anyone interested in becoming a member may contact any of the officers of Prospectors or the President Mischa Larish at 575-654-5306.

Questions about this website please contact Kim Clark at 575-538-2665.