Annual Forum

Each Year the Prospectors hold a Legislative Communications Forum.

The purpose of the Forum is to give governments, educational and healthcare institutions as well as area non-profit agencies a venue to present to their local Legislators.  A packet is made available to prospective presenters in November.  The packet contains a cover page, an application and a list of topic questions formulated by the Prospectors with input from our Senator and Representatives.  Each presenter is given a time limit for their presentations and asked to provide any additional documentation.  The Prospectors put a notebook together for the Legislators based on the documentation provided by the presenters.

The Forum is usally held the first or second week in December.  On the day of the Forum the Legislators open the Forum with opening remarks.  Then the presentations begin.  Each presenter is given a time block of 5-10 minutes then the floor is opened to questions by the Legislators.

Once the Forum is concluded each Legislator has their notebook from the Forum to refer back to during the session.  The notebook includes contact information as well as the presentation packet and supporting documentation.