Grant County Prospectors

The prospectors are a group of business leaders whose purpose is to educate policy makers and community members about the economic, community development and legislative needs in Grant County.

Gov. shares vision with Prospectors

Via: Silver City Daily Press – Geoffrey Plant – October 4, 2019

At a luncheon hosted by the Grant County Prospectors on Wednesday, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham laid out her vision for the state’s capital outlay funding process in 2020 and beyond — and outlined her own funding priorities for the coming year, when the state government expects an abundance of revenue to be available for allocation to local entities.

The governor said at one point in her remarks, simply, “Capital outlay needs reform.” She cited a number of changes that she’d like to see, most of which were in line with the kind of work the Prospectors already do for their members and Grant County communities as a whole. The governor also lauded the Prospectors specifically for their work in guiding and vetting state funding requests from local governments and organizations across Grant County. 

“You are incredible at capital outlay,” she told a group that included elected and administrative government officials and business leaders from across the county. The Prospectors’ work climaxes every year during the legislative session with Grant County Day at the Roundhouse in Santa Fe, when the Prospectors coordinate meetings between community stakeholders and various state department leaders, and also present a list of local funding priorities to lawmakers.

“What is it that we’re spending? What is our return on investment — how do we make sure we don’t over-, or under-spend?” Lujan Grisham asked the audience, which was seated around five tables in a private room off the Western New Mexico University cafeteria. “We shouldn’t be doing all these partially funded projects, and we need to be careful that we wait so long before we finish a project that it costs 10 times more than it would have if we’d made it a priority.”

The governor also echoed comments from Grant County commissioners — who recently approved their list of Infrastructure and Capital Improvement Plan requests — when she said that local governments have to stop relying on capital outlay dollars for such basic needs as fleet vehicles. The governor also said that requests for capital outlay funding for projects that might be popular — basketball courts at senior centers was her example — sometimes didn’t reflect the true needs in a community. 

“What they were telling me they needed was more in-home care, more health care,” she said. The governor said it would be tough to shift priorities, “but it is worth doing.”

Priscilla Lucero, a Prospector and executive director of the Southwest New Mexico Council of Governments, told the Daily Press that she agreed that priorities need to be adjusted when it comes to capital outlay, saying, “It needs to be looked at — but that’s what the Prospectors do.” 

“Last year, we had $900 million-plus in capital outlay,” the governor said. “Out of almost a billion dollars, how much do you think was for roads throughout the state?”

Lucero guessed the figure was exceedingly small. 

“Zero!” the governor told the audience. 

Lujan Grisham explained that roads were simply too integral to the economic health and to the overall safety of communities to put off improvements. 

“With your help, I changed the priorities so that $400 million was identified in the capital package,” she told the Prospectors. “You can’t build your community without knowing your road funds are secure.”

Lujan Grisham also said that local communities should determine their own funding priorities. 

“There should be local control, in partnership with the state as a whole,” she said. “We’re going to respect the priorities you come up with.”

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2019-2020 Legislative Tentative Timeline

2019 GCD Agenda

Here is the tentative agenda for Grant County Day. The final agenda will be distributed at the Logistics meeting on Tuesday, January 29 at the La Fonda.

Communication Form Presenters

We are working on our meetings for Grant County Day and hope to have a tentative agenda to hand out at the Kick-Off on Tuesday, January 22, 5:30 at the Little Toad. Our team leaders are currently reaching out to the Executive Branch, House and Senate Leadership and Cabinet Secretaries to set up meetings. If you are new to the process, the Kick-Off at the Little Toad will be a great primer.

We respectfully ask that ALL Grant County Day attendees be in Santa Fe on Tuesday, January 29 for the Logistics meeting, 5:30 pm in the Santa Fe room at the La Fonda to get the final agenda.

Kim Clark, Chair, Community Legislative Action Committee (CLAC)

Grant County Prospectors |PO Box 2026 | Silver City NM 88061

The prospectors are a group of business leaders whose purpose is to educate policy makers and community members about the economic, community development and legislative needs in Grant County.

Grant County Day Invitation

Grant County Day participants, Legislators and esteemed guest are invited to attend the Prospectors Legislative Reception Wednesday, January 30.

GCD Kickoff

The “Kick Off” meeting for the Santa Fe Events is scheduled for January 22 at The Toad at 5:30.

We will hand out the tentative Grant County Day agenda at the Kickoff.

See you there!

2019 GCD Save-the-Date

Grant County Day Hotel Info

Grant County Prospectors

January 28 – February 1, 2019

La Fonda Room Rates and Reservation Methods

Traditional Room rate: $100.00 single/double occupancy

*Based on availability, upgraded sleeping rooms are available at special room rates:

*Deluxe Rooms:  $130.00 s/d occupancy

*One-bedroom Suites:  $160.00 s/d occupancy

Please contact Hotel directly to make reservation(s) for upgraded sleeping rooms.

Room rates are subject to prevailing taxes, currently 15.4375%; 7% Lodger’s Tax and 8.4375% Gross Receipts Tax.

Contact Hotel directly:

Reservations:  800-523-5002, Option #1 or 505-982-5511, Option #1

Group Code:  948173

Please call between the hours of (Mountain Standard Time): 

Monday – Friday: 7am-8pm

Saturday: 8am-5pm

Sunday: 9am-5pm

Reservation Link 

Cut-off date for making reservations:  Monday, December 31, 2018

Individual reservation must be cancelled at least 72 hours prior to the guest’s scheduled arrival dates to avoid the first night’s room/tax penalty fee.

2018 Legislative Communication Forum Agenda

You will find the agenda for the 2018 Prospectors Legislative Communications Forum below. Please note that these times are approximate as we may be running ahead or behind schedule. Plan to be in attendance well before your sector. There are 32 applications to present this year! We have allotted 3 minutes for the presentations, and 10 minutes for Legislators to ask presenters questions.

If you have not turned in your handouts – provide 7 copies – hole punched for the notebooks. These notebooks are given to the Legislators, Governor, Lt Governor and Prospectors to use during Grant County Day and the legislative session. If you have a slideshow or PowerPoint provide a jump drive.

All additional materials and visuals must be handed in to Priscilla or Kim BEFORE your sector starts!

Any further questions, please contact Priscilla Lucero at 575-388-1509 or Kim Clark at 575-538-2665.

We look forward to seeing you on December 6!

PDF: 2018_Prospectors_Legislative_Forum_Agenda_by_Sector



Application to Present at 2018 Forum

The application to present at the Prospectors 2018 Legislative Communications Forum is now available.

  • Click here: 2018 Grant County Prospectors Legislative Forum Application
  • Important Dates
    • Application Due – November 15
    • Notification of presentation time – November 29
    • Forum will be held Thursday, December 6 starting at 8 am in Light Hall on the WNMU campus.
    • We invite the public to attend to learn about legislative issues and funding needs in Grant County.
  • Questions contact Priscilla Lucero at 575-388-1509 or Kim Clark at 575-538-2665.

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